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Block stamp a fairer digital world create wallet

Welcome to a Low-Friction Long Tail of Crypto   Projects Full of  Leapfrogged Adoption.

       Block stamp a a fairer digital world create wallet

People want to take sides on all sorts of issues. Perhaps in crypto, especially where you talk to people (usually technically), it's a project against a project.

At our end, we think cryptosphire is a big place with many projects and no crystal balls. In 20 years we look back and bite how space has evolved - but we are still connecting them still.

Some important crypto players have podcasted this past few weeks.

They believe that we are heading towards the Cryptoosphere where there is something like "reserve cryptoconcency" which is called everywhere and "special purpose crypocurrence" which is used to meet specific things. You can imagine, for example, almost everywhere you go around the world with "general purpose". How to get a dollar or euro and expect it to be able to exchange "special purpose" in the local currency. (Interestingly, the Circle has launched US Dollar-backed StabelCoine, making it easy to go in and out of many crypto "sub-ecosystems" for investment opportunities.

blockstamp website-https://blockstamp.info

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