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how to join Aibb token airdrop worth 25$ free aibe telegram bot

                                               hi all 
                             (welcome to crypto airdrop)

hello if you want to join aibe airdrop worth 25$ follow introduction 

1.join telegram bot click here

2. click on start and verify captcha.

3.join their telegram channel and click refresh.

4.follow aibb on twitter and submit your twitter with @

5.like their facebook page and like and submit your facebook profile link.

6.after submit facebook profile provide to bot your email address and submit.

7.bot send verification code on your email copy code and paste in bot and verify your email.

8.download aibe wallet from playstore (link provide telegram bot)
and create your wallet.

9.open aibe app and click on wallet and select aibe token and copy your aibe token address and provide to aibe token telegram bot.

10. your work complete and you got 25 aibe token after some day you receive your token in app.

               if you want full video
                                                 (click here)

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